Reboot Your Brand & Reimagine Your Business


Reboot Your Brand & Reimagine Your Business

The only course that gives you a plan to pivot, profit, and close your brand gaps once and for all.

What if you could confidently and effortlessly sell your products and services...without feeling “salesy”, “icky” or chasing the latest marketing hack and tactic?

What if you easily attracted clients that light you up and happily pay your fees...without constantly taking on clients who drain your energy and suck your soul dry?

What if your brand was working for you and your business 24/7...without you feeling guilty and stressed because you want to enjoy your life and not spend every minute on your business?

What if you had the clarity and confidence to share your message...without struggling with what to say or how to stand out from everyone else in your industry?

We’ve worked with so many clients who are smart, capable, and really want to create a business that aligns with their values, and yet they:

  • Struggle to communicate their message clearly so that it calls to the right people.
  • Change their branding like they change their shoes trying to find the right visual style that fits their vibe.
  • Are challenged in defining their brand voice and using copy that really sounds like them.
  • Find it difficult to articulate why they are unique and why someone should pay for the value they provide.
  • Waste so.much.time on social media without seeing results and a growing community.
  • Can’t clarify their business model and add random offers and services without results.

Maybe you’ve bumped into these challenges as well (we know we certainly have over the years) and you’ve tried to take steps in fixing what’s wrong...

Perhaps your computer is an online course graveyard of things you’ve tried to learn on your own, you’ve likely watched endless free webinars hoping to mine one small business nugget that you can use, maybe you’ve hired a business coach who wants to make you a mini-me of her branding or squeeze you into her blueprint for success, and you’ve spent hours on social media posting and being ‘of value’ without engagement or being seen as an authority.

Or maybe your brand has evolved and it just doesn’t really capture the essence of who you are and what your business is about. In other words, it doesn’t fit you or your business.at.all. You and your work have grown into the next level and your brand is like that outfit in your closet that seemed like a good idea at the time, but now makes you roll your eyes and say “what was I thinking?”

And even more frustrating is knowing how great you are at what you do and seeing others having the success that seems so elusive.

The amount of time, effort, energy, and money you’ve been pouring into your business isn’t yielding the return on investment you expected. So, you give more...and more, but your profits, visibility, and quality of life aren’t expanding at the same rate (it at all).

It’s time to reconnect to your message, recommit to your vision, and reclaim the life you deserve by building a brand that supports the dreams and goals you have for your business.

We can help you make that happen with strategy, support, and our proven system so that you can have the business you want with a brand you love.


Who We Are

We’re Jen + Danielle, seasoned brand and website strategists and designers who bring you the best of both worlds when it comes to strategy and creativity (you need both to create an irresistible and profitable brand). 

We’ve distilled our years of working with entrepreneurs and business owners into a system that is customizable, individualized, and puts you in a position to make decisions for your business that are strategic, simplified, and profitable.

PIVOT: The (re)Brand Your Business Course

Discover, Design, and Implement an Authentic and Profitable Rebrand for Your Business

This is the only course you’ll ever need to build a brand that supports your business and delivers your message in a clear and compelling way.

Behind every successful business is a brand that is doing all the heavy lifting by captivating, connecting, and converting the right clients and creating an unforgettable experience. And it’s not because they have a fancy logo, a catchy tagline, or a beautiful color palette.

It’s because they have a clear message that speaks to their audience, they know who needs to hear that message, and they have a cohesive brand that shows the value they offer.

Rebranding can be a very expensive mistake when not done with intention and strategy.

This is exactly why we have created PIVOT: The Rebrand Your Business Course. We’ve taken the guesswork out of trying to figure how to rebrand your business and made it affordable as well. PIVOT covers every aspect of what you need to know and implement when it comes to building a brand that attracts the right clients, makes selling effortless, and gives you the ability to create your unique and personal definition of success.

What’s Included in
PIVOT: The (re)Brand Your Business Course

Week 1

Brand Review

We’ll look at what’s currently working in your brand + business, we’ll identify areas for growth, and also we’ll also identify what’s not working for you. We start building your new brand foundation here and set the stage for what you want your brand and business to look like. We’ll help you figure out how to add more substance, without adding more work.


You’ll also take Danielle’s brand archetype quiz to discover your unique brand advantages and how to use them to guide your brand moving forward and start curating your brand inspiration.

Week 2

Your Brand Message

The message of your brand goes much deeper than trying to come up with a catchy tagline.


Your brand message is what you believe is possible for the clients you work with and the results they can expect. We’ll dig deep into uncovering what your unique message is, the value you bring, and how to communicate it through all of your brand touchpoints so that your right people feel that you truly ‘get’ them.

Week 3

Dream Client Profile

It’s a given that as your brand and business evolve, your dream client profile is going to evolve as well. This is where we’ll mine for gold in looking at the clients you currently love working with and those you want to work with in the future.


This isn’t about just demographics, but developing a deep understanding of what your client’s values are, what is the problem you solve, and how you can develop your brand so that it speaks to them and positions you as the clear choice to help them get the results they want.

Week 4

How You Work

When you decide on a rebrand a major element is in how you work within the scope of work you do. Whether it’s transitioning from one on one client work to groups or creating different packages, courses, or services, these all have a direct impact on your brand.


In addition, we’ll also cover your methodology and signature offer so that it establishes instant street cred with your right clients and gives you the ability to confidently communicate what you do...without feeling like a fraud or imposter. And you’ll use our proprietary template to craft an easy to understand positioning statement.

Week 5

Brand Voice + Personality

Your brand voice and personality are some of the most defining characteristics of your brand. Not only do you need to lean into your voice, but you also need to communicate deeply with your audience. You’ll learn how to embrace your voice and understand the tone of how you communicate.


This is what we call the ‘sweet spot’ of a brand. It’s the intersection of your unique brand voice and using client language to show you deeply understand what they’re struggling with and creating the connections that build trust with your clients and establish your expertise.


You’ll develop your own brand lexicon and communicate your brand value authentically and effortlessly.

Week 6

Visual Branding + Vibe

Your branding is how your brand shows up every day. Branding is more than just picking out colors you like, it’s about understanding your vibe and how you want people to feel when they interact with your brand.


We’ll teach you how to define your brand’s vibe by creating a brand style statement and understanding the role of colors, fonts, and imagery in your brand...all with a specific strategy and focus so that your brand instantly connect with the right people and authentically represents you and your business.

PLUS when you enroll in PIVOT: The (re)Brand Your Business Course you’ll also receive a few bonuses that will complement your new brand’s focus and direction.

Bonus #1

Brand Style Brief

Every brand needs a document that contains detailed information about your brand style and everything that plays a role in the look and feel of your brand. This “Brand Bible” is absolutely invaluable so that anyone who works in and on your business knows exactly how your brand shows up in the world.

No more hunting for visual branding details or how to communicate what your brand is about to someone else. It will be right there for you in a concise, easy-to-follow guide. We’ll show you how to create one effortlessly using our template with your unique brand characteristics. You’ll never understand how you got along without one moving forward!

Bonus #2

Website Presence Masterclass

Learn what your website needs to be a powerful sales asset in your business. Using examples and practical tools, you’ll understand the ‘whys’ of visual branding as it relates to choosing fonts, colors, and imagery so that your brand expresses not only your personality but evokes certain feelings and emotions in your potential clients’ minds.

We’ll provide guidance on the latest website trends and style designs so you can make smart and strategic decisions without succumbing to the latest fad du jour.

Bonus #3

Unmatched Support in a Private Facebook Group

This isn’t like other courses where the creator may pop in occasionally or it’s manned by someone on their team. You get Danielle and Jen’s personal support on a weekly basis so that you can keep moving forward and not feel stuck with questions or lack of feedback. You’ll also be in community with other entrepreneurs who are doing the work and supporting each other.

We’ve distilled our years of working with entrepreneurs and business owners into a system that is customizable and puts you in a position to make decisions for your business that are strategic, simplified, and profitable.

What Makes PIVOT Different From Any Other Program?

PIVOT: The (re)Brand Your Business Course is specifically designed to meet you where you are with your business and brand (whether this is your first time rebranding or your ninety-ninth!). It’s the best of all worlds as it’s one part independent work, one part community, and one part direct support and guidance from two seasoned online business owners.

We’ve reimagined the traditional online course into something unlike anything else out there with a level of support, feedback, and access to the expertise you need to move your business forward.

You won’t be asked to complete worksheets that are ‘busywork’. Lessons are broken down into bite-sized chunks with an accompanying exercise that builds your brand layer by layer.

We provide coaching, strategy, and mentoring all rolled into one powerful container.

Coaching- we ask you deep questions so you have a path to clarity and encourage you to stake your claim in defining your success

Mentoring- We’ve been in the online space for over 12+ years and share our experiences and what we’ve learned along the way from both our mistakes and successes.

Strategy- We don’t just give you the steps, but support you through tailoring them to your unique business and mission.

You’ll have continued support after you’ve completed the course with monthly trainings and Q+A sessions.

Lifetime access to all the course materials (including updates), the private community, and monthly trainings.

What you will learn in PIVOT: The (re)Brand Your Business Course will benefit your business for years to come because you’ll build a foundation that will give your business the room to grow naturally and organically, which means you’ll always be proactive and not reactive when it comes to making decisions in your business. Our goal is to teach you the tools and strategies so that you are doing the activities that give you the business, and more importantly, the life you want.

You can build a brand without a business, but you can’t build a business without a brand. In other words, your brand must include your business and we help you build both in this course. Because we are brand strategists, website design strategists, and CEOs of both our own businesses and Her Influential Brand, we have a unique set of skills and experience in both brand and small business building. We have, as the saying goes, “been there, and done that” and would never advise or teach students something we have not done ourselves and implemented in our own businesses.

Join Us

We've made joining PIVOT easy! Take advantage of a convenient 3-month payment plan or pay in full to save. 

Noelle Van

I found my time with Danielle and Jen to be profoundly valuable. I have clarity around my value proposition and brand now more than ever. 

Noelle Van

Jenn Buttriss

I could not have imagined getting so far, so quickly on my own. After the Brand Intensive, I have a solid direction and focus. I'm so excited to get the work done necessary to move forward.

Jenn Buttriss

Noelle Van

I found my time with Danielle and Jen to be profoundly valuable. I have clarity around my value proposition and brand now more than ever. 

Noelle Van

Jenn Buttriss

I could not have imagined getting so far, so quickly on my own. After the Brand Intensive, I have a solid direction and focus. I'm so excited to get the work done necessary to move forward.

Jenn Buttriss

Who Should Join PIVOT?

Photographers, artists, authors, and other creative entrepreneurs

Business coaches, social media strategist, and performance coaches

Content creators, virtual assistants, graphic and website designers

Money & mindset coaches, health & wellness coaches, and life coaches

Spiritual teachers, yoga teachers, and energy healers

And other entrepreneurs who have been in business for at least 6 months and want a more aligned and authentic brand.

In other words, you’re someone who is ready to stop doing things that don’t serve you or your business and start implementing aligned strategy and playing to your strengths.


Here’s a Recap of What’s Included in PIVOT:

  • Seven weeks of our proprietary lessons, frameworks, and exercises to guide you through building your profitable brand (six modules + one week devoted to check-in and implementation)
  • Live weekly Q+A and feedback sessions
  • Private community with like-minded entrepreneurs
  • A clear concise brand message and positioning statement
  • Monthly live trainings on specific topics to keep your business moving forward
  • A brand mood board to guide your branding
  • Review of latest trends and website styles that you can tailor to your rebrand
  • A clear and concise brand plan that captures everything needed to keep your brand focused and on point
  • Lifetime access to the course materials and updates so that you can go back at any time over the life of your business
  • And, you are completely protected by our “no hassles, just happy” risk-free 14 day guarantee. If you decide that PIVOT: The (re)Brand Your Business Course is not right for you, we’ll cheerfully refund your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m terrified of tech! Is this course right for me?

You do not have to be necessarily tech-savvy to enroll in PIVOT, but you do need to be able to navigate your website or have someone who can do it for you.

How long do I have to work through the materials?

As long as you want! We firmly believe that you will get more out of the course by following a long week to week, but we are also realistic enough to know that life gets in the way sometimes, so the materials are available to you forever.

I’m just starting out in my business. Is PIVOT right for me?

Unfortunately no. We have found that if you’re just starting out you’ll probably need more guidance and support than this course offers. Much of the material won’t be relevant to where you are in business right now.

Do I have access to Danielle and Jennifer?

Yes, yes you do! We offer you a high-touch level of support, and we highly encourage you to attend the trainings so that you can get all of your questions answered.

In addition, we’ll be offering Q+A sessions in the private Facebook Community so that you can submit anything you’re working on related to your rebrand and we’ll give you our expert advice on what you’re creating.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, we have a 14-day window for refunds. If at the end of the 14 days you decide that PIVOT is not right for you, we will cheerfully refund your investment...no hassles, just happy! We trust we have explained the scope of PIVOT: The (re)Brand Your Business Course clearly and thoroughly. We encourage you to reach out to us if you have questions or are on the fence. We only want committed students who are willing to put the work into their rebrand and we stand firmly behind our expertise and the system we have created to get you results.

Join Us

We've made joining PIVOT easy! Take advantage of a convenient 3-month payment plan or pay in full to save.